15 Best Offline Games for Android under 100MB 2022!

Here we are back with the list of 15 Best offline games for Android under 100MB.

Because some people have a good internet connection and a high-end device. But there are so many places around the world where internet connection is poor or people do not have a high-end device to play big games.

So they are always searching for the best offline games for Android or best Offline games for Android under 100MB. So my team started to search for this and we are back with the best Offline android games.

2022 Best Offline Games for Android Under 100MB Download Now!


All games are under 100MB, not need any internet connection to play and pick from different categories. So don’t forget to share with your friends to enjoy with them.

Epic Raft

SIZE:- 87 MB
RATING:- 4.1

Epic Raft is an offline Survival game for Android. This game is developed and offered by the Red Machine.

In this game, you have to Survival on a raft in a zombie Apocalypse. This game is currently on the demo version. So here you only get extracting resources from the sea with a hook, crafting items, and the construction of the raft.

In the future, you get updates like a shark attacking a raft, seagulls stealing crops, a fascinating story, hundreds of recipes, and an island with lots of puzzles and enemies.

Prison Escape Puzzle

SIZE:- 84 MB
RATING:- 4.3

Prison escape Puzzle is an offline single-player adventure game. This game is offered by Big Giant Games.

In this game, you find yourself locked in Alcatraz as a criminal and locked up in an old city prison. You have to solve puzzles and find items to escape prison.

The game has features like addictive escape puzzles, experience the heights of the Himalayas, responsive Controls, and beautiful graphics under 100MB games.

So download now this Best Offline Android Games Under 100MB.

Falldudes 3D

RATING:- 4.0

Falldudes 3d is an offline game like Fall Guys for Android. This game is offered by PepUp Studio. Right now this game completes 10M+ downloads.

Fall dudes are the best games like Fallguys for Android. Here you have to Compete with 39 opponents to win in a chaotic physics-based game. A few days ago this game is updated so you get some more levels.

Like Fallguys, Here you have to Breakthrough doors, run past obstacles, and give someone a blast to win. This game is still on Early Access. So you get more updates in the future also.

So download now to enjoy the best mobile games like Fallguys for Free.

Top 5 Best Offline IOS games to play in 2022

This article features Top 5 Best Offline iPhone games to play in 2022.

Ramboat 2

SIZE:- 65 MB
RATING:- 4.0

Ramboat 2 is a run and gun Offline shooting game developed by Genera Games.

The game is based on war. Where to prove you’re the hero metal soldier that defeats the colonel and his army. This is a run-and-gun platform shooter action game.

In-game, you have to Rush through different Stages and face challenges that increase the difficulty and fun. Also, you get Tons of guns & weapons like a machine gun, flamethrower, classic pistol, and more!

Here you get three-mode like Arcade, Multiplayer, and Elite Mode. Overall the graphics quality is insane and the controls are very responsive.

Couch Installation Service

SIZE:- 40 MB
RATING:- 4.1

Couch Installation Service is an offline puzzle game about couches arrangement. This game is provided by ilyathehuman.

This game is based on a couches arrangement job. Here you have to be a hard-working employee and doing your couches arrangement as efficiently as possible.

In-game features like Smooth soundtrack switching, minimal look gameplay, 35 levels full of couches and benches, 3+ hours of gameplay, controls are very simple, and minimalistic graphics are beautiful.

Spirit Sprint

SIZE:- 42 MB
RATING:- 4.3

Spirit Sprint is a Single Player action arcade platform game offered by Delta Realty.

Spirit Sprint is about the enchanting world of Sprint through forgotten forests and meadows. Also, brave the river streams, flooded temples, and soar through dangerous caves and mines on your journey to freedom.

The Features of this game are three unique types of gameplay that change dynamically, new animals, trail styles, and environment colors as you progress.

The game comes with beautiful graphics and easy controls.

MM2 Racing

RATING:- 4.6

MM2 Racing is an offline street racing game developed by Mzii Ent.

MM2 Racing is based on Racing from Kiambu to Nairobi to reach the destination, Eastland. Here you have to Launch your Matwana between chaos and control into the underground Matatu Culture.

The game features the New Mathree model, 3 new locations, sensitivity slider roads, Customizable vehicles, responsive Controls, and high-quality graphics in small APK.

This is must include in the best Offline games under 50MB for the Android list.

Osman Gazi 2020

SIZE:- 100MB
RATING:- 4.3

Osman Gazi is a causal action-adventure Offline game under 100MB. This game is offered by Climax Game Studios.

This game is based on Osman Gazi- the real Turkish historical hero. You play as a Gazi to fight against Mongols and crusaders. Build your Turkish army to win empire wars and battle against Mongols and crusaders.

Here you learn combat fighting, sword fighting, blade fighting, archery shooting, climbing, and horse riding. The open-world map with great graphics makes this game the best.


SIZE:- 74 MB
RATING:- 4.2

Hellrider 3 is an offline single-player casual arcade game. That is offered by Anji Games.

In this game, you will become a member of a completely new story with enjoying the new 3D gameplay. Here you get Multiple game modes with their goals and challenges.

The Game features like Amazing story revealing, Many characters, Daily challenges will not relax, A huge picturesque world, intense graphics with easy controls, and many bike and gun skins with different powers and skills to finish the boss.

So let’s Ride, fight, and save the world!

I, the one Action Fighting Game

SIZE:- 44 MB
RATING:- 4.2

I the one is a Singleplayer Action Fighting Game. Offered by Casual Azur Games.

In the game, you have to Kick enemies & knock them out of the arena to win the battle. This is an accurate fighting simulator game. You can Choose your mini fighter with different weapons.

The goal of the game is to push rivals out of the battlefield. Here are so many great features like PvP mode, a variety of battle arenas, Use boxing and MMA skills, Sandbox mode with real action, and simple Graphics.

This game is available in both portrait and landscape modes. This type of game is the best Offline games for Android under 50MB.

Wings of Steel

SIZE:- 74 MB
RATING:- 4.1

Wings of steel is an Immersive WWII air combat game. This game is offered by Illusion Magic Studio.

This is an action-packed World War II air combat flight simulator game. This game comes with beautiful 3D graphics and realistic physics that give engaging gameplay.

The game intuitive controls are perfectly optimized for mobile devices. Here you get Detailed and accurate WWII planes, ships, and vehicles.

The game features Vast and beautiful environments, a wide variety of playable planes and weapons, challenging missions, Advanced flight physics, Cinematic Replay Mode, and a Small download size with performance efficiency.

I have to say that this is one of the best in this list of best Offline games for Android under 100MB.

Prince of war

SIZE:- 100 MB
RATING:- 4.3

Prince of war is a Free Open World Action game for Android. This game is offered by VKG Games.

The game is based on a storyline, where Queen is kidnapped by enemies. Now you have to kill all Enemies within 480 seconds to save the Queen. It’s the best new Offline fighting game of 2022.

This game will bring you fun and addictive. It has Awesome ten Levels with different locations and Graphics. You have to find a strategy to kill All Zombies to Save your Queen within 480 Seconds.

This game is also my personal favorite on this list. Because it has features like ten Awesome adventure Levels, Navigation System to find enemies, Awesome Sounds and Music, Excellent AAA Graphics, and Animation with easy controls.

Power spider 1

SIZE:- 91 MB
RATING:- 4.2

Power Spider 1 is the ultimate superhero parody game developed by Comic Book Reese.

Power Spider is based in a big city filled with criminal gangsters and mafia bosses. You play as a superhero to stop dangerous crime lords who attack the city and beat every mafia to avoid being dead.

Power Spider features Web swinging mechanics, Webs attach to buildings, Detailed Graphics with an open-world map, and easy-to-play responsive Controls.

Become a True Hero and Defeat Crime like a Boss in the best Offline game for Android under 100MB.

Champion Soccer Star

RATING:- 4.5

Champion Soccer Star is a physics-based casual kick and shoots football game. This game is offered by Touch2Goal Team.

The game is based on an unknown soccer teenager. They started from the junior club to finally led the national team to win the world championship and become a soccer superstar.

The game offers so many features like Easy to handle Drag to aim and tap to shoot gameplay. Thousands of clubs in the real world With a variety of incredible playback shots.

New arcade mode and freekick master mode for fans. The graphics of the game are best and the controls are very responsive. You can say this is the best game for android.


SIZE:- 92 MB
RATING:- 4.1

Pirates is an offline single-player, third-person pirate adventure game. This game is offered by 3DUncoverd.

Here you get an open free-roaming 3D world with your sword, gun, and shovel. In the game, you can hunt treasure chests, collect supplies, and fight with skeletons.

Also, you can go on various quests, sail ships and do battle with the ship-to-ship cannon fights. This game is designed and optimized specifically for Mobiles and Tablets.

The features of the pirate game are an Open world to freely roam and explore, Simulated Waves and Buoyancy, a Full Day/Night cycle, and Dynamic Interactive World Map. The graphics are great and the game has very responsive controls.

This is my personal favorite on the list of best Offline games for Android under 100MB.

That’s it for today! Here is my pick of the top 15 Best Offline Games for Android under 100MB.

I hope you like my content and get your favorite games from this list. Now let me know which are your favorite Offline games for Android from the list in the comments box.

Don’t forget to share with your friends, and family and always be happy and healthy.

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