Top 5 Best Offline iPhone games to play in 2021 | Best Offline IOS games

Hello friends, welcome to a ubgurukul-the best gaming site. Here we present the list of the top 5 Best Offline iPhone games to play in 2021| Best Offline IOS games.

Nowadays, the trend of gaming becomes Online. Because Gamers and other people want to play games with friends so the developers are making online multiplayer games.

But there is still hope for offline games. Because offline games have their own benefits like no need for internet so you can play whenever you want, you have not to see so many ads, you can still play with your friends with local wifi and hotspot, etc.

But now you get problems finding the best offline iPhone games to Play in 2021. Because there are fewer options.

Don’t worry, we are here to help you by bringing the list of top 5 Best Offline iPhone games of 2021 | Best Offline IOS games. So let’s jump into the list.

Top 5 Best Offline iPhone games to Play 2021 | Best Offline IOS games


Whatever I have written in this article is my honest opinion and backed by intensive research. No game in this article has sponsored me and I am not with or against any brand. Now let’s start.


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SIZE:- 1.2 GB
RATING:- 4.5
Cost:- 1.99$

Unruly Heroes is an action-adventure pc game that is now available for mobile devices, by Perfect Game Speed.

The game story is inspired by the novel ‘Journey to the west’. This is a stunning action platformer. The single-player story mode is a reason to revisit the game again and again.

The simplistic gameplay joined with a cast of four well-designed and extraordinary characters make for a fantastic experience that stands apart from other similar games.


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Even battle is very agreeable as you can mix up combos and even shuffle your enemies. You can even switch characters in mid-combo presents a lot of possibilities.

The game won the 47th Annie Award for the best game character animation. Overall this is my personal from the list of best offline iPhone games to play in 2021.

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SIZE:- 208.4 MB
COST:- Apple Arcade

Survival Z is an action-defense survival game, developed by Ember Entertainment.

In the game, you start off as a survivor, attempting to save mankind across various runs. You can use touch controls or controllers but the touch controls do feel incredibly extraordinary.

As you defeat the floods of zombies, you can unlock money and items that you can use to improve future runs. It has easy-to-use controls as you plan out your traps and weapon placement before the floods of zombies attempt to get at you.

The game features Over 15 playable characters, a wide range of zombie types, Ever-changing routes, traps, and obstacles to kill zombies, 50 unique levels, and limitless opportunities for the sake of entertainment.

It has some nice story moments sprinkled that make this the best offline iOS game to play.

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SIZE:- 862 MB
RATING:- 3.8

Kill it with fire is a first-person action game, developed by tinyBuild LLC.

If you don’t like spiders then I Assuming the makers feel the same as this is a game entirely about killing spiders through any method like a weed whacker, guns, grenades, ninja stars, and yes even fire.

You need to chase them around shooting, smake, or burning everything in your way, or just blow up an entire gas station to kill them all.

The game received well because of the features like Tons of interesting weapons and equipment, “Realistic” fire simulation system, Battle in the Arachno-Gauntlet!, Eight different spider species, and A mystery ending?!?! (…shh!).

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SIZE:- 2.1 GB
Rating:- 4.7
COST:- 3.99$

Inked is a unique offline puzzle game, developed by Nuverse (Hong Kong) Limited. It’s best when you stop it and simply wander about the lovely hand-drawn world around you.

The game features an excellent storyline, where you play as a nameless hero in a stunning universe of pen and paper. I didn’t actually feel like I got stuck and no chance to get out anytime.

The game is full of challenging puzzles and some of them are definitely unquestionably a head-scratcher while others are strategically solid. You explore the stunning hand-drawn visuals around you as a puzzle-style mission.

Finding answers to the problems is truly satisfying. Also, there are nine parts in total with each level differing in it.

Other features like A beautiful and immersive world solely, emotional and moving music and A heartwarming story about loss and hope make this type of game the best offline iPhone game to Play in 2021.

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SIZE:- 423.2 MB
Cost:- Apple Arcade

Populus Run is an offline unpredictable running platform game, where you control a crowd of individuals. The game is developed by FIFTY-TWO.

This game is more than other endless runner games in the AppStore. As you progress through levels, you pick up more runners who all run together. Your aim is to gather coins, secret gifts, and as many people as possible.

The game features Hardcore mode to test yourself, secret characters who are hidden in the levels, and an upbeat original soundtrack with its choral singing.

Thanks to the cartoony designs and beautiful soundtrack. So the outcome is brilliant and that causes you to ignore the response of touch controls or occasionally problematic balance of the game.

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That’s it for today, I hope you enjoy this article and get the best offline iPhone games to Play in 2021 | Best Offline IOS games.

Have you ever tried any of these games yet? Let me know in the comments which are your favorite iPhone games?

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