Top 10 All-time best WWE games for android (2022)

In this article, you will find the top 10 Best WWE games for Android. Also, the step-by-step guide to download the best WWE games for free.

Hello guys, first of all, I am a big fan of the WWE Network and the WWE Games. People like me always searching for the best WWE Games or people always ask:

• Which are the best WWE games for android?
• Which is the best WWE game?
• How can I Download WWE Games on Android?

But we don’t get a proper solution. Don’t worry because in this article you will find the top 10 Best WWE games for Android. Also, I will guide you step by step to download the best WWE games for android.

So without wasting any time let’s jump into the ring

Top 10 Best WWE games for android 2022


Here are some offline WWE games for android and some are online WWE games. You need to download PSP Emulator for some games to play on android. I mentioned step by step process, in the end, to download WWE games for free.

WWE SmackDown Here Comes the Pain

SIZE:- 352 MB

WWE SmackDown Pain is a part of regular SmackDown series games. This game was made for PS2 by YUKE’s and published by THQ.

This game is pure wrestling where you have to play the role of a wrestler. A wrestler has to fight with others to improve their position in SmackDown and win the WWE title.

In Gameplay, a player can attack him anytime and by taking the step. To improve the power and strength in the ring a player can run on the treadmill.

The game also offers different weapons like chairs, tables, ladders, etc., and also a player can go to the parking and can throw bikes and cars on another opposing wrestler to make him injured.

The graphics are dissent and the Controls are medium level. To download this game you will need to first download an emulator and then extract the files to play.

You can read step by step tutorial on how to download WWE games on Android PPSSPP.

WWE SmackDown Android APK Free

WWE Mayhem

SIZE:- 880 MB
RATING:- 4.4

WWE Mayhem is a no.1 WWE arcade action game offered by Reliance Big Entertainment Private Limited.

This game is different then original WWE games because here you get a fast-paced mobile action arcade game. You can play epic matches between WWE Superstar and WWE Legends.

In-game features like Spectacular Roster of Superstar like John, Rock, Triple H, Austin, AJ, etc. Comes with a stylized look. You can get 6 distinctive superstar classes, tag, and weekly challenges, play with your friends in events, and simple Control with highly optimized Graphics.

This is one of the best WWE games of all time.

WWE Mayhem

WWE Universe

SIZE:- 95 MB
RATING:- 4.0

WWE Universe is the most AUTHENTIC WWE game offered by Glu.

This game is an Online PvP wrestling game. You can play as favorite Superstars from EVERY generation with Real moves, real chants, real voices, and real music. You have to time your TAP to deliver your favorite Superstars’ signature moves.

You can assemble team RAW, SmackDown, NXT, and Hall of Fame Superstars. Team up with friends to dominate opponents together in clubs and events.

The graphics are nice to optimize and the Controls are very simple. Here you can not get a good Storyline.

WWE Universe

WWE Immortal

SIZE:- 1.5 GB
RATING:- 4.4

WWE Immortal is a 2D Fighting Game with stunning visuals developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

On 28 February 2019, the game was removed from stores. In this 2D Fighting game, a WWE superstar is charged with supernatural powers. This game is similar to injustice: the god among us.

Each immortal was armed with blocking, powerful regular attacks, and three signature attacks. Here you have to complete the challenges to unlock legendary superstars.

In-game you also find Zombie invasion mode which made superstar into zombified versions. This game also features Online competitive battling to challenge their Immortals against other players.

The graphics are the best among all WWE games. The design and modeling of Superstars are spectacular. If you are a fan of Mortal Kombat and also a WWE then this game is perfect for you.

You can not download WWE Immortal from Playstore so make sure to check the link.

WWE immortal apk

WWE Championship 2020

SIZE:- 81 MB
RATING:- 3.8

WWE Championship 2020 is the no.1 downloaded WWE game offered by Scopely.

WWE Championship is an action RPG and puzzle game where you have to Match 3 gems to obliterate rivals. As many as you match gems your superstar performance more moves. After winning, you can customize your title with straps and medals.

In the game, a player can play with friends and heal and help teammates. Other features like over 200 WWE superstars and legends, Acton Rpg game in WWE style, new weekly events and contests, worldwide Multiplayer matching, and a new league system.

The graphics are dissent and gameplay like Candy Crush saga. This game is also mentioned on the WWE Games Reddit page.

WWE championship

WWE Allstars

SIZE:- 370 MB

WWE Allstars is a very fabulous wrestling game offered by Warner Bros. This is a real wrestling game like WWE 2K 17.

After playing this game you will feel like you are playing WWE 2K16 or WWE2K17 on your Android. As we know that WWE2K 17 is not available for android but after playing this game you will be a fan of this game.

The game offers all WWE legends wrestlers to fight with one other in solo, tag team, and royal rumble also. You will not feel that you play games in PPSSPP because this game is very optimized and stable.

The graphics are great with simple Controls. This is one of the best offline WWE games for Android.

Make sure to follow the steps that I gave in the end to download this game.

WWE allstars android apk

WWE Racing Showdown

SIZE:- 343 MB
RATING:- 4.1

WWE Racing Showdown is an action racing game with WWE superstars. This game is offered by JetSynthesys Inc.

This is the WWE superstars racing showdown. You can choose your favorite Superstar and race fearless to dominate your opponent. You can Perform WWE signature moves while you smackdown your enemies on bikes.

The game offers extremely addictive tracks, amazing WWE Super stunts, enhanced graphics, smooth controls and fast gameplay, custom bikes, use briefcases and ladders on the racetracks to defeat your rivals.

This is not a Wrestling game but this is an action-packed WWE Racing game. Race, brawl, upgrade and compete.

WWE racing showdown


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WWE Supercard Multiplayer Card Game

SIZE:- 757 MB
RATING:- 4.3

Step inside the circle with rectangular cards in a collectible card battling game offered by 2K, Inc.

WWE Supercard is a Multiplayer Card game where you can collect and level up your cards to battle other players across the world. The game also offers real-time events, PVP, and teams with all new and legendary superstars.

The game features Cards and themed content featuring WWE Superstars, Earning rewards in rotating events, Capturing the briefcase in Money in the Bank, or becoming a King of the Ring.

The graphics are great and once again I say that this is not a Wrestling or Fighting Game. This is a card game. So if you love card games then go for it.

WWE multiplayer game Supercard

WWE 2K game

SIZE:- 800 MB
RATING:- 4.0

WWE 2K is an offline Official WWE game developed by Visual Concepts and n-Space.

This is the first game that has been published under the WWE 2K brand. This is an original WWE Wrestling game.

The best feature of this game is here you get swipe and touch-based Controls rather than tapping a screen full of fake buttons.

The graphics are nice and the Gameplay is very Smooth. This game features a career mode to make your favorite Superstar WWE Champion.

This is a Multiplayer game where you can fight with your friends. So this is the best WWE game for me. Here you get original superstars with original entry and their super moves. This game was removed from the Google PlayStore.

So check the link to direct download the game.


WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2011

SIZE:- 1.1 GB

WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2011 is a professional Wrestling game for PlayStation and XBOX. This game is developed by Yuke’s and offered by THQ.

This is the 7th part of the WWE SmackDown vs Raw series. In this game, a new physics system is to be used more realistically. Here you get all major events of WWE like hell in a cell, money bank, WrestleMania, etc.

This is why I add this game to the best WWE games for android. because it’s come with a WWE universe storyline and rivalries between superstars make this game more interesting. In-game you get all features of WWE games.

The graphics and Controls are best. This game will give you the real Experience of Superstar.

To download this game you need an emulator and follow my step-by-step tutorial.

WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2011 Android Apk

How can I Download WWE Games on Android

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to download WWE all-stars, WWE SmackDown Pain, WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2011 on Android (2022).


  1. First of all Download the emulator by clicking this link and then install it. PPSSPP Emulator
  2. Now Download the game file from the link given at the end of every game.
  3. Download Zarchiver to extract the files. Here is the link: Zarchiver
  4. Now extract the file in z archive from Download folder and extract it anywhere in the internal storage of the phone.
  5. That’s it now open the emulator and the game will display on the home screen of the emulator.

These are 5 easy steps to download the best WWE games for Android.

So these are the best WWE games for Android in 2022. If you want news related to WWE games you can follow the official page of WWE games Reddit.

WWE Games Reddit

I hope you like this list and Download the game you like most.

Now tell me which was your favorite game in this list in the comments down below.

Also, share with your friends and give any suggestions and tell me which type of games you need on my next list.

Thank you for reading,
See you next time.

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