Top 10 Best Cricket Games for Android to play in 2021

Top 10 best cricket games for Android 2021

Cricket is the most popular sport in India. Here are many die-hard fans of cricket and want to play cricket. But because of the Coronavirus, we cannot go outside to play cricket. Don’t worry about this because here is the 10 best cricket games for Android Download Free in 2021.

These all are the best cricket games for android to play with Friends. Some Multiplayer cricket games are online and others are offline Multiplayer cricket games. So let’s jump into the list:

top 10 best cricket games for android 2021

Cricket league GCL

SIZE:- 454 MB
Rating:- 3.3

Cricket League GCL is the 3D Mobile Multiplayer best Cricket game for android with Realistic Animation. The game using Motion Capture Technology that gives Real Life Cricketing Experience.

There are plenty of events to enjoy in the game like the World Cup, IPL, Cricket League, and Score Challenge So you will not get Bored.

After the update, the game includes new features like Domestic Premium League, Sledging Moments and bowler reactions, the Addition of new shots and cut scenes, improved shots, and bowling action, etc. So download Now to enjoy this game.


World Cricket Championship 3 | WCC 3

SIZE:- 500 MB

Finally! The wait is over and Nextwave Media launches the beta version of WCC 3 On the Google Play Store. Yes, this game is in the beta version and you only play a quick match and online mode.

WCC 3 is the most awaited best Android Cricket game in India. Now we can play with over friends in Offline mode. Wow, hurray. WCC 3 is a sequel of WCC2, the most downloaded and awarded game.

In-game features, Professional commentary from Australian cricket Matthew Hayden and India’s top commentator Aakash Chopra. The game comes with hyper-real bowling and fielding Simulation.

Exhilarating batting experience, best graphic, and Control make this the best Cricket game for Android in 2020.

You can download the Full Version of WCC3 Here :
WCC3 Full Version


Sachin Saga Cricket

SIZE:- 300 MB
Rating:- 4.0

If you are a fan of God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar this is the best Cricket game for Download in 2020. Superfans get a chance to meet Sachin Tendulkar.

Sachin Saga Cricket Championship is a real-time Multiplayer to play across the world. This is a 3D high-end graphics game with Realistic Animation.

Here you play as a Sachin Tendulkar and compete against other world Cricket teams and play real-world cricket championship. Features like manual catching, custom fielding, over 28 batting Shots, and bowling – Yorkers, In-swinger, bouncers, and more make this game real.


Real Cricket 20

SIZE:- 465 MB
Rating:- 4.1

Real Cricket 20 is the true batting and bowling Multiplayer Cricket game right Now. Real Cricket 20 is the most authentic, complete, and surreal Cricket experience on Android.

Here are 4 types of Multiplayer options in-game like 1 vs 1 player to play with your team, 2P vs 2P to team up with your friends or random players. This is the first time in a Mobile Cricket. Co-op with friends and challenge the API. Spectator your friend’s in any of the Multiplayer modes.

In-game features like match Highlights, Female Commentary, innovative gameplay, ultra edge – Snickometer and Hotspot, Authentic stadiums with pro cameras angel, and tournaments like Asia Cup, Champions Cup, Master Cup, Under 19 World Cup, World Cup, World Test Championship, Premier Leagues and test Match also.

This is the best Android Cricket game to play in 2020.




Big Bash 20

SIZE:- 249 MB
Rating:- 4.2

Big Bash Cricket is the first Official Men’s and Women’s Cricket game. Now BB 20 became bigger and better than ever before.

With improved gameplay and graphics, Realistic animations, intuitive controls, and improved player likenesses you can enjoy the most realistic mobile cricket experience.

You can play with your friends in 1v1 Local and Batting Multiplayer and also Beat your rivals KFC Bucket Ball Challenge by hitting every ball SIX! You can choose between a quick play contest, a complete season, or a Super Over. So enjoyed it.


Stick cricket Live 2020

SIZE:- 73 MB
Rating:- 4.2

Stick cricket Live 2020 is a 3D Multiplayer Cricket game and winner of Google Play’s Best Competitive game award. This whole game is Online and based on Online Multiplayer 1 vs 1 mode.

In-game, you can play real-time 1v1 multiplayer in stunning stadiums with a HUGE range of epic cricket shots. Earn more points to unlock 3D Cricket Stadium like Dharmshala to Dubai and earn Kitbags to unlock new bats and skills. You can customize your player name, appearance, and Country.


MSD : World Cricket Bash

SIZE:- 110 MB
Rating:- 4.4

MSD: World Cricket Bash is based on the Bollywood movie ” Dhoni: The Untold story ” and Free to play casual cricket games.

In-game you play as an M.S. Dhoni and playing through important phases of his career. This game will be focused entirely on his career. Here you have to incorporate a Manual wicket keeping and fielding system.

In-game features like manual catching system, simple controls, Unique bowling mechanic, Multiple control options for batting, HD Sound, TV Broadcast style cameras, and Variety of Shots like Helicopter Shot, Reverse Sweep, Square Cut, etc.

Multiple modes like Champion, Challenges, Wicket keeping, and Story mode to play the most memorable matches of Dhoni’s career.


Super Cricket 2

SIZE:- 32 MB
Rating:- 4.5

SUPER CRICKET 2 is a high-definition sequel cricket game on Android. The size is small and you can not get Multiplayer options but trust me this game is fun to play.

In-game features like 360 Degree Shot Selection, free to play games, tournaments like IPL, Other Premium League, Ashes, World Cup, T20 World Cup, Asia Cup, and many more. The game has multiple difficulty modes to decide the difficulty of your opponent. The game has great graphics and easy control with fun to play.


WCC Rivals – Real Time Cricket Multiplayer

SIZE:- 161 MB

WCC Rivals is the 2 vs 2 real-time Multiplayer to play with 3 other strangers or friends. This game is the first full-featured, real-time Cricket 1v1 Multiplayer game.

In-game features like Caster mode & Exciting Spectator with multiple camera angles, Build and customize your Squad, Butter-smooth realistic gameplay, Voice chat with other players, brand new League, and International Jerseys, Win Sporting Bonuses, Train your players in Batting, Bowling and Fielding with special skills. This game is the best Online Multiplayer cricket game for Android.


Gully Cricket Game

SIZE:- 33 MB
Rating:- 4.2

Gully Cricket is the popular Indian gully cricket game on mobile for the first time to become the ultimate Gully ka Raja! With gully Cricket you get real street cricket fun without any internet connection.

Like in a real Gully Cricket Match, you can break the neighbor’s window and car windshield, hit golawala, milkman, and passing auto rickshaw. This is best offline cricket game for android.

In-game features like massive game modes like Arcade mode, Tournament mode, and Gully Ka Raja. You can choose your team combination and bat, balls, and stumps to blast your opponents. More Features like Simple Gameplay, really funny moments, more than 130 matches to be won, and comes with great graphics and animation.


So that’s it,
Here is my personal favorite Top 10 best Cricket Games for Android to play in 2021. I don’t add WCC2 because WCC3 is launched.

Now tell me which is your favorite cricket game? Let us know in the comments down below.

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