About us

About Us

Ubgurukul is for those people who are trying hard to find the best smartphone games out there.

Smartphone games are getting better day by day. There are also tons of games released every day. So it’s really hard to find the best games for your device but doesn’t worry about it because we have got you covered.

About us, We play almost every game on this platform and that’s how we share our experience by making these top games list. Each of our articles is different so we try to give you the best games based on your favorite category.

We mainly focus on our personal experience of that game and we mentioned whether the game is online or offline with the size of that game. We aim to grow the mobile gaming community through ubgurukul. So we need your support to stay with us.

What is a meaning of UBGURUKUL ?

First of all, Gurukul means a school. Where everyone comes to learn something or solve their problem.

UB means my name, Uday Balasara. So the meaning of UBGURUKUL is that I will solve your problem and give you the best games and apps from all over the world.

About me:-

about me

Hi friends, my name is Uday Balasara and I am a 21-Year-old commerce graduate student. Gaming is my passion and I love to play games.

So in 2017, I started my youtube channel named gaminggurukul. Yes, some of you heard about this channel. I have more than 1 lakh sub and millions of views.

In 2019, I sold my channel because of some problems. Now I am starting once again but on a different platform. So stay with me and help to grow this website and I will provide you with great content.

If you have any questions or problems you can CONTACT US or ask me personally on INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | FACEBOOK