PS Plus Free games list of Every month [2021]!

After buying a PS Plus Subscription, every PS gamers want free games to download. But they don’t know which are the best PS Plus Free Games? Don’t worry, here are the lists of every Months PlayStation Plus Free games of 2021.

PS Plus Free Games list of 2021


Here we will inform you about every PS Plus Free game of every upcoming month. So make sure to check this article regularly!

Now don’t waste any more time and let’s get started.

Free Playstation Plus games of July 2021

Here We Go Again, July is here. So are the games PS Plus subscribers can download. All the following games are available from Tuesday, July the 6th. So check this article regularly to be, kept up to date with all future PS plus free games coming to Playstation. Let’s do this.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

SIZE:- 51.42 GB
RATING:- 8.5/10

COD: Black OPS 4 is a first-person adventure Multiplayer shooter game, published by Activision.

This was the first game, which introduced the new ballistic system. We should never forget that Black Ops brought us the first version of War Zone, Good old blackout mode, and Battle Royale Rejoice. The famous zombie mode with over 100 variations on the zombie.

The features like unique soldier characters with special abilities and traits, and two distinctive separate storylines for Zombies. There are tons of ways to headshot your pals depending on however you like to play.

Zombies are the star of this game. So this is the best time to grab this!


RATING:- 6/10

WWE 2k battleground is a professional arcade-styled wrestling game. Published by 2K Sports.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds delivers arcade-style matches between the icon of WWE Star. With over 70 legends for you to smack each other down with special powers and abilities.

In the game, you can feed a wrestler to a crocodile. The depth of other wrestling titles has been pushed aside for a more pick-up-and-play filled with only a handful of moves per character.

The solo campaign mode sees the comic book approach of telling your story from Backstreet wrestler to WrestleMania.The most fun is playing this with friends, picking Guitars, and wailing on each other. The best PlayStation Plus Free Games of July 2021.

Characters can be unlocked using in-game currency, which is built up during playtime, or you can buy them with real money if you so, wish, WWE, 2K Battlegrounds, won’t last you a long time as there is not much depth at all, but it is an over-the-top and amusing.

A Plague Tale Innocence

SIZE:- 38.24 GB
RATING:- 9/10

A Plague Tale Innocence is an action-adventure open world horror Survival game, developed by Asobo Studio and published by Focus Home Interactive.

The game is based in 14th century France. The streets are filled with rabid rats capable of eating, a man in mere seconds.

Throughout the game, You’ll learn how to control those rats. Using fire and light and hopes to put other items and abilities, including a sling.

The main focus is avoiding battle and playing as stealthy as possible. Will you try a plague tale innocence? I’d love to know your thoughts.

That’s it, these are the PlayStation Plus Free Games of July 2021.

Free PS Plus Games of Jun 2021

Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown

SIZE:- 12 GB
Rating:- 7.8/10
Platform:- PS4

Virtual Fighter 5 is a classic 3D fighting game, published by SEGA of America, Inc. The game was released on 6/1/2021.

Virtua Fighter 5, Ultimate Showdown, is the iconic one-on-one fighter from Sega. Although virtual fighting doesn’t get the attention, like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, and Tekken, it has done as much to progress The genre as the others.

The game features custom combatants, classic modes like versus, arcade, training, and rank match, you compete with up to 16 players in new online modes, and Play classic VF5 in glorious HD Graphics.

As part of SEGA Anniversary celebrations, Virtua Fighter 5 is brought on to a new generation of consoles and by that I mean the PS4. Your system may need to be updated to the latest system software to play this game on PS5.

Star Wars Squadrons

SIZE:- 22.12 GB
Rating:- 7/10
Platform:- PS4

Star Wars Squadrons is an action simulation starfighter combat game, published by Electronic Arts.

Star Wars Squadrons is only eight months old. Squadrons is a space combat game. The adventure begins with a single-player story mode, in which we play from two perspectives, fighting for the new Republic and the evil empire.

We will have eight ships to master from the ultra-fast interceptors to the heavy-hitting bombers. And everything in between, there’s even a support class if you prefer to play as the Healer.

There is more than 50 component of grades for your vessels, which can be swapped out to find shoot the way you want to take the fight. He’s sure to try the fleet battle mode after fighting for the first push forward. In a dogfight, your team will either be protecting or even a star destroying ships.

Best Free Mac Games for Mac Gamer in 2021

This article features the list of best free Mac book games in 2021.

Operation Tango

RATING:- 7/10
Platform:- PS5

Operation Tango is a multiplayer cooperative spy adventure game, developed and published by Clever Plays. The game was released on 1 June 2021.

The game requires two people to play, thankfully only one person needs to own the game, and the other place talks to me for free. You’ll be playing our secret agent, Sent out to retrieve something and Escape without ever being noticed.

In a game, One agent is in the field and the other is a hacker. Helping them along the way. Perfect coordination is needed and communication is everything in operation Tango. You will need a mic. You will need patience. You’ll need to sense of humor. 

What are the best free PS plus games of July 2021?

• A Plague Tale: Innocence (PS5)
• WWE 2K BattleGrounds (PS4)
• Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (PS4)

What are the best free ps plus games of Jun 2021? 

 • Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown (PS4)
 • Star Wars Squadrons (PS4)
 • Operation Tango (PS5)

What are the best free ps plus games of May 2021?

 • Wreckfest: Drive Hard, Die Last (PS5)
 • Battlefield 5 (PS4)
 • Stranded Deep (PS4)

What are the best free ps plus games of April 2021?

 • Oddworld Soulstorm – (PS5)
 • Days Gone – (PS4)
 • Zombie Army 4: Dead War – (PS4)

What are the best free ps plus games of March 2021?

 • Final Fantasy 7 Remake – (PS4) 
 • Remnant: From the Ashes – (PS4 and PS5) 
 • Maquette – (PS5)
 • Destruction Allstars – (PS5)

What are the best free ps plus games of February 2021?

 • Destruction Allstars – (PS5)
 • Control Ultimate Edition -(PS4 and PS5) 
 • Concrete Genie – (PS4 and PS5)

What are the best free ps plus games of January 2021?

 • Maneater – (PS5)
 • Shadow of the Tomb Raider – (PS4 and PS5)
 •Greedfall – (PS4 and PS5)

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