10 best simulation games for Android 2020

simulation games online and offline

Nowadays, Simulation games mean truck and bus simulators but this is not true. There are different types of simulation games like Pet Simulation, Open world Simulation, Parking Simulation, etc.

So in this article, You get the best list of All types of Simulation games On Android. Some Simulation games online and Others are offline Simulation games. So grab your seat and let’s jump into this.

Ultimate Off-road

  • SIZE:- 150 MB

Ultimate Off-road is an open-world driving Simulation game, that’s a lot like burnout paradise. With traffic and open-world offroad mode, you can drive freely in the whole city.

When you see a challenge that interests you, just go ahead and compete in it. Now in the game, you can drive anywhere around the city that you want and when you see an event you just drive up to it to accept it, and this way you can participate in different events and challenges.


Farming Simulator 20

  • SIZE:- 468 MB

First of all this is a only paid game in this list.

Farming Simulator 20 is a farming Simulator game that comes with high-quality graphics and Nice Control.

In-game, you have to build your farm with 100 authentic farming vehicles and tools and you can buy more fields and expand the farm. Now you can tend horses, cows, pigs, and Sheep.

I can say you that buying this game is worth it because this game is the best!


Driver Simulator 2020

  • SIZE:- 100 MB

Drive simulator is a fun simulation game, where more than 15 vehicles and complete increasingly complex missions with proving your skills.

In the driver’s seat of the heaviest machinery and do the best work possible to accomplish missions successfully.

You need to go from point A to point B driving through all kinds of cities and take the curves properly and get to the place where you’ll do your work in one piece.


Euro truck Evolution

  • SIZE:- 254 MB
  • BOTH

Euro Truck Driver is a truck Simulator game, delivers an exciting driving experience that will make you feel like driving real trucks and travel across many countries.

In-game, you have 12 European truck brands that come with Detailed interiors and drive More than 20 realistic cities. You have to say that this game is the best Online Simulation game or best Simulation game online.

You have to drive across country roads with Realistic weather conditions and day/night cycle and Visual damage on trucks.

The best feature of this game is Online Multiplayer with Servers or Convoy mode.




Indian Train Simulator

  • SIZE:- 100 MB

With more than 10 million downloads, the Indian train simulator is India’s most-loved train android best simulation game.

In-game features you get Track Changing and World-class Signalling System with Over 25 camera angles and Photo Mode for taking stunning screenshots.

In-game Dynamic Time and Weather with Intelligent AI trains and Controllable Doors make this game India’s most loved train simulator game.


Totally Reliable Delivery Service

  • SIZE:- 274 MB
  • BOTH

Totally Reliable Delivery Service is my personal favorite game. Read more

Airline commander

  • SIZE:- 301 MB

The airline commander is an offline Flight Simulator game for Android. In-game You have to create the best airline in the world and manage many airliners.

In-game features, you get Dozens of airliners, main hubs with taxiways, realistic airports, and runways. You get Realistic different times of the day with sun, moon, stars, and real-time weather conditions. Graphics and Control in-game made this the best Simulation game on Android.

You have to handle different situations during takeoff, landing, and all taxing. You can Compete against pilots and airlines to prove you’re the best.


Taxi Sim 2020

  • SIZE:- 800 MB
  • BOTH

Taxi Sim is the best driving simulation game with stunning visuals. In-game You get Experience in the life of a taxi driver.

As a driver, pick your favorite car and Complete different types of driving missions. The game added new features like VIP clients and undecided clients.

It is the best Simulation game online. Here you have to Buy better cars to be able to pick up VIP clients and earn more. You can be played as a private taxi driver and Enjoy great graphics and environments.



  • SIZE:- 84 MB
  • BOTH

Godus is An award-winning sandbox game. It is as simple to play the game to Craft a living world and Build a civilization.

Godus journey started with these two divorced followers. They looked up to me for nurture and inspiration as they developed their lives has sculpted and mold every inch of this beautiful landscape. This game is the best Simulation game for Android.


Dog Simulator

  • SIZE:- 70 MB
  • BOTH

This is the most beautiful and realistic Dog Simulator game. This is a BEST MULTIPLAYER pet Simulation game to play with friends and the whole world.

In-game You will play like a puppy and do whatever you want like jump, bark, and destroy such things. In-game has modes like Single-player mode, multiplayer mode, and night mode. Control and graphics are the best.

If your favorite pet is dog, then this is the perfect game for you.


I am guaranteed you, this list is the best Simulation game list on the internet right now. This all is my personal favorite from the variety of Simulation games.

Now tell me which was your favorite game? Let us know your favorite simulation game on Android in the comments down below.

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