TOP 10 NEW HIGH GRAPHICS Games for Android 2021

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This article is about the TOP 10 NEW HIGH GRAPHICS Games for Android 2021 or New Games of the month for Android to Download Now!

Game lovers always searching for new games 2021. But we cannot find a newly launched game on Playstore by

Don’t worry about that because here our team looking for finding a newly launched game of the month.

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BEST NEW High Graphics games for ANDROID 2021


These all games are newly launched at Playstore this month. Some games are Offline and do not need wifi or an internet connection to play. Some are new Online games of September 2021.

Power Machines

SIZE:- 72 MB

Power Machines is a newly launched casual car Fighting game that releases on 14-Sep-2020 by Zeptolab.

In this game, you have to take control of a powerful battle car and defeat your opponent on the arena to win the battle. You can control your car by choosing the direction of moves, fires, and jumps.

The game comes with risky levels full of traps, moving objects, and destroyable ground. Here you get a dozen power machines and Weapons to customize and upgrade your vehicle.

This is the best new high graphics games for Android of the month for free download.

Legend Arya

SIZE:- 97 MB
RATING:- 4.1

Legend Arya is an offline zombie Survival shooting game for Android. The game is released on 9-sep-2020 by Soner Altlncit.

This game is about to hide, run, shoot, and survive in the post-apocalyptic world. Here you only control your player movement with only one hand. He will take care of the rest.

The story is based on a doctor, who is still missing. Now a Zombie virus was spreading rapidly. Now you have to find a teddy bear. Because Doctor Crazy’s formula is in him.

This game comes with great graphics, dozen of characters, and extreme weapons to kill zombies. So take your charge and begin the game. This is the best new high graphics game for Android under 100mb.


Here is top best Offline games under 100mb for Android

Dark Days

SIZE:- 103 MB
RATING:- 4.2

Dark Days is an action-adventure Survival Game for Android. This game is updated on 02-sep-2020 by Azur Interactive Games Limited.

This game is based on An unknown epidemic that wiped out humanity and dooming it to an eternal struggle for survival. So your mission is to survive to the very end and give people hope to build a new world!

In the gameplay, you have to build your shelter and gather resources to craft weapons and equipment. Also, wiped out Zombies that came to kill you.

The features of the game are original graphics style with a massive world, a Sophisticated item creation system, Unique rewards for beating bunkers, Intuitive controls, and Tons of weapons and equipment.

So download now this amazing new Online game of the month on Android 2021

Best Survival Games 2021

Best Open World Survival Games on Android 2021

RACE – Rocket Arena Car Extreme

RACE – Rocket Arena Car Extreme is a third-person ultimate car Fighting game for Android. This game will release this month by Smokoko.

The RACE is a survival racing and battle on vehicle game. In the game, you can join Arena battles and show the real action by destroying your enemies into destructive obstacles like fire traps, etc.

The game offers features like your arena- your rules, vehicles level up system, various battle locations, realistic 3d graphics, easy controls, and no need for hindrance like gasoline.

This is my favorite game in the list of best new high graphics games for Android 2021.

Driving School Sim 2020

SIZE:- 781 MB

Driving School Sim 2020 is a new driving Simulation game for Android. This game is released on 01-sep-2020 by Ovidiu Pop.

This game is best for driving lovers. Here you can feel like driving a real car. The game will teach you to drive with clutch and stick shift manual transmission.

There are huge maps like desert landscapes, famous cities, snowy streets, and mountain roads. You can play or race with your friends in Online Multiplayer mode.

The game offers More than 150 vehicles to drive, detailed realistic maps, More than 80 challenging levels, and mods like Free Ride, Race, and learn Mode. Other features like Online Multiplayer Mode and New Real engine sounds with Next-Gen weather conditions.

This Android game support Controllers and gamepad. So we can say that this is the best new driving Simulation game of the month.

Smelted Kin

SIZE:- 86 MB
RATING:- 4.6

Smelted Kin is an offline 2D Sci-fi action platformer game. This game is updated on 14-sep-2020 by Microbat Studio.

In the game, a long journey awaits you to find a way out of the complex that fell into decay. You have to fight against robots. This game is still in the demo version and it gives 1 to 2 hours of gameplay.

Smelted Kin offers Large, non-linear locations, Metroidvania elements, drive unusual vehicles, High-quality 2D graphics, Gamepad support, and responsive Controls that gives smooth Gameplay.

Mad Town Raid

SIZE:- 64 MB
RATING:- 4.2

Mad Town Raid is an online Role Playing game for Android. This game is released on 09-sep-2020 by Fieldcraft.

The game is based on the world, where the virus is suddenly spread around the city. So people become the Zombie. But somehow few of the citizens have not infected by virus and you are one of that.

You have to build camps, began to survive the zombies, make a team, and leading them to win the fight against zombies. The game offered huge maps, dozen of vehicles, character Customisations, and high graphics with easy to use Controls.

WCB live Cricket

SIZE:- 101 MB
RATING:- 4.1

WCB live Cricket is a real-time PVP Online Multiplayer Cricket game for Android. This game is updated on 14-Aug-2020 by Creative Monkey Games.

This is a real-time free cricket multiplayer game below 100mb for Android. This game is the world First Real-Time 8 Players Knockout cricket game. This is a 1vs1 Card-Based Cricket Simulation game.

The game offers features like New Stadiums across the world, Real-Time Opponents, 3D Online Multiplayer Cricket game for Android, stunning HD quality graphics and cards based Controls make this game best.

Enjoy this New High Graphics cricket multiplayer game for Android under 100mb in 2021.


SIZE:- 166 MB
RATING:- 4.3

The flight is an open world dynamic Meditative Flight game for Android. This game is released on 31-Aug-2020 by Ashim Sakhiya.

In the game, you are in the role of birds to fly around a realistic open world. You have to become a monk that turns into a raven to venture the scenic ambiance.

The best thing about the game is a truly huge open world where you can fly, jump, and Run. The sounds give you feel like a Monk Mind. This game will give you peace while playing.

This is one of the best new high graphics games for Android this month to download.

Hunting Clash

SIZE:- 127 MB
RATING:- 4.4

Hunting Clash is a hunting Simulation Competitive Multiplayer game for Android. This game is released on Aug 2020 and updated on 04-sep-2020 by Ten Square Games.

The game is based on a next-generation hunting and shooting simulation game. Here you have to track animals in the jungle and aim and shoot for the big reward. This is a 1vs1 PvP duel hunting game.

This game offered Features like Breathtaking shooting areas, Hunt or be hunted, Compete against other hunters, A weapon of your choice, and console type graphics in a mobile hunting game!

So download now this new high graphics games for Android 2020.

That’s it, these are the Top 10 Best New High Graphics Games for Android or New games of the month for Android 2021.

Now tell me which was your favorite game from this new high graphics games for the android list? Let us know in the comments down below.

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