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Among gaming accessories, it’s always the headsets that people look forward to the most like Audeze Penrose. In fact, the gaming headset market will be a little busier in the next few years, very likely due to advancements in gaming technology (like AMD chips) and the arrival of next-gen games. True enough, the global gaming headset market is expected to grow by $788 million (57.5 billion RS) between 2020 and 2024.

The first in a long line of next-gen gaming headsets is the dual wireless Audeze Penrose. Here’s what you need to know about Audeze Penrose Headset.

Audeze Penrose Specifications

Size of the driver:- 100mm
Highest frequency:- 50000Hz
Lowest frequency:- 10Hz
Sound pressure level:- 120dB/mW
Weight:- 320g
Charge time:- 3 hours (lasts up to 12 hours)

Audeze Penrose Design & Features

Audeze produces great headphones every year, from their planar magnetic portable high-end LCD-1 headphones to affordable high-bass LCD-2. This year, Audeze aims to set new audio standards with the Penrose—a lossless, low-latency wireless gaming headset.

If you’ve seen the Audeze Mobius Review, then the design should be familiar. While both headsets’ goal is to better immerse their users into the game, Penrose isn’t equipped with 3D audio and head tracking technology like its predecessor. Instead, it focuses on comfort and low impedance audio.

Penrose achieved this using their patented planar magnetic/Neodymium technology. The process to enhance a design’s efficiency begins by paying attention to the hardware’s flat-sheet schematic. For Audeze, this meant getting a bird’s eye view on the device’s net connections, which allowed its engineers to deliver the right amount of power to different parts. This is especially important given Penrose’s 100mm planar magnetic drivers, whose size not only meant a more powerful sound but complex wiring too.

Other than that, Audeze also included Fluxor magnet arrays and Fazor Waveguides in each cup, which reduces the humming that’s present in most headphones.

Audeze Penrose Sound Quality

Of course, with planar magnetic drivers, the sound can only come out as loud and punchy. The bass is very tame, but it’s enough to feel the sound’s fullness without muffling the mids and highs. It is good that they turned the bass down, as it better highlights the quality of the sound. Manufacturers usually program a more potent bass to make lower quality drivers sound more dynamic—a cheap trick the Penrose doesn’t need.

In fact, the planar magnetic drivers’ real contribution to the Penrose build is its lagless wave transmission. Since the sound can travel the frequency spectrum directly, there’s no delay in the audio. This allows for another level of dynamic audio that most gaming headphones struggle with, especially in fast-paced FPS games or online arenas.

Audeze Penrose Buttons & Ports

All the controls and ports on the Penrose are located on the left cup. It contains a standard 3.5mm audio jack for wired use, a USB-C charge port, volume wheels (mic and audio), as well as an extra button to control the headset’s connection type (Bluetooth, wired, and auxiliary).

If you double-tap the mic volume wheel while on Bluetooth mode, the Penrose will automatically link to the last device it was connected to. All of this functionality is convenient for better control over your audio system.

What’s Included in Package?

The Package includes Audeze Penrose Headset, Detachable Broadcast Quality Microphone,  3.5 mm to 3.5 mm Cable, 2.4GHz Wireless Dongle,  USB-A to USB-C Cable, Quick Start Guide, and a Warranty Card. Means a lot of things you get in the box.

Where can I buy the Audeze Penrose Headset?

The Penrose has been available for over a month, so you can buy it in the nearest gadget store or on Amazon. It’s priced at 29,900 RS.

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