Quietcomfort 35 II Review | Best Bose Gaming Headset in 2021

Without a doubt, Bose has been ruling over the best active noise-canceling headphones for many years, and everyone is familiar with the smoothness and sound clarity of the QuietComfort series of headphones.

Suppose you are searching for the best bose gaming headset for gamers and streamers.

In that case, you probably wish for a pair that comes with both active noise cancellation and wireless operation features, which isn’t easy considering the problems appear continuously around audio Quality and Bluetooth.

You might know that Bose is already offering a pair of beautiful headphones along with a newly introduced feature to the series, Voice Assistance, which makes it perfect, among others, without a doubt.

This might be a game-changer in gaming headphones! So now let’s get into the detailed review of the Bose QuietComfort 35 II headsets to buy on amazon in 2021.

Quietcomfort 35 II gaming Review | is it the best Bose Gaming Headset?

Bose QuietComfort 35 II is the best Headset for gamers because it comes with balanced sound quality and a brilliant noise-cancellation feature that keeps everything running smoothly and entirely around you.


What’s New Inside?

Upon opening the box, you’re warmly welcome with a sturdy carrying case, unleashing a pair of headphones beautifully tucked away inside.

After carrying on, you realize the flexibility of headphones and be thrown carelessly in your bag with no worries.

A micro USB Charging Cable is given by Bose, along with a 3.5mm audio cable. For gaming enthusiasts, it is the Best Bose Gaming Headset 2021.  


If you’re a Bose Headphone user, then you would be known that the Bose QC35 II seems similar to the previous generation headphones, but this time, the New Google Assistant Button is placed on the left ear-cup.

The headphones releases in two different colors, such as Black and Silver, and its design is much sleeky and stiflingly than others. The newly introduced features makes it the perfect choice for the business class traveler, as well as gamers who would love playing games with noise-cancelation feature.

Bose has built the headphones keeping in mind that both gamers and call operators have to use the device all the time; therefore, it should be more comfortable than ever before. 


Plastic Built with Extra Smoothness and Comfort

Compared to other Luxury headphones, it is extra lightweight, comfortable, and brings you an extra junks of sound quality. It uses high quality ear covers to give your ears some extra comfort, and unlike many others, it won’t hurt after wearing for a long day.

In my opinion, using the plastic coasting is a great idea to keep the headphones lightweight to carry on, and it won’t feel a burden upon equipping; therefore, you guys can easily grab and use it carelessly because the headphones are so flexible.

It is released with a hard case for those gamers who have to travel to participate in tournaments; therefore, it is considering the best gaming headset of 2021. The question that had appeared in my mind is that the plastic build does help the headset offer comfort to its users, and I was impressed after coming to know how comfortable the headphones were to use for long periods. 

Prominent Features of Bose Quitecomfort II Hedset

In terms of features, QC35 II is considered the boss of every headphone as it is released with three levels of world-class noise cancellation to offer a better listening experience in any environment.


You can use voice assistance either of Google or Alexa to get access to music, information, and more. A noise-rejecting microphone system has been embedded to provide you with clear sound and voice pick-up.

You are supposed to have balanced audio performance upon using whatever volume you wish. Use Bluetooth pairing without any hassle, use personalized setting, access to future updates, and a lot of more prominent features await you to be introduced themselves.  

That is another reason why i called this best bose gaming hedset 2021.

Beast Performance in gaming

Best Bose Gaming Headset are famous for having the active noise-cancelation feature and comfortably, flexibility, and amazing sound quality, which seems quite impressive and feels like you are walking into a relatively quiet room after being on a busy street.


The headphone does a great job in reducing the noise with no hassle, even voices floating within cars. You can’t experience something like pressure, unlike the previous headphones, when the noise cancellation feature is turned on. 

Pros and cons of QC 35 II

Nowadays, it is considering the best gaming headset to buy from Amazon Prime day. Using the Action Button, you can perform the following actions, such as Noise-cancellation Levels, Toggle between High, low, and off with each press. Using the Bose Connect App, you are capable of adjusting the noise-cancellation settings.



  • First-class Noise Cancellation Feature 
  • Balance Audio with Great Quality 
  • Comfortable
  • Google Assistant Integration 
  • Lots of Detail
  • Strong Connection 
  • Excellent ANC


  • The price is slightly high to buy. But don’t worry because we always giving you the best buying link to buy a gaming headset.

MY Personal Thoughts


The headphones are more comfortable than your expectation because of their sleekly design and high-quality ear covers.

Despite having similar features compared to previous headphones, it has something new to reveal and for the first time the Google Voice Assistance has been integrated to give you an extra layer of a facility, so keep your phone away when you can use the said feature using your headset.

I strongly recommend you to buy the newly introduced Bose QuietComfort 35 II from Amazon Prime Day if your use of the headset is more than average or you are a gaming enthusiast. You can buy from my best-buying links to get more discounts.

That’s it this is the gaming review of the Bose Quietcomfort 35 II. I have to say this is the best bose gaming headset for gamers and the best wireless gaming headset for PC.



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