Top 10 Best Free Mac Games for Mac Gamer in 2021

Tired of searching best free mac games? Don’t worry here are the top 10 Best free mac games of 2021.

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Top 10 Best Free Mac Games of 2021


Fate of Dynasty

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SIZE:- 128 MB
RELEASE DATE:- 23 April 2021

Fate of Dynasty is a single-player adventure puzzle game on mac for free, developed and published by Kabuk Games.

Fate of Dynasty is a short traditional exploration puzzle game galvanized by walking simulators like Layers of worry and Gone Home. The game story is base on Figure out a way to perform the ritual to put the finish to the tyranny of the ruling folk.

The game features Intriguing graphics, interesting history, Simple controls, and the amount of effort it takes to solve the puzzles included. This game was developed throughout the Global Game Jam 2021 and is an open-source project. You have to play these Best free Mac games in 2021.


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RELEASE DATE:- 14 April 2021

Trainslation is a single-person exploration puzzle game based on the “Lost & Found” theme.

In the game, You will find yourself lost in an intricate subway system with nothing however a weird word to guide you… As if that wasn’t dangerous enough, everything is written in an exceedingly foreign language that you cannot understand. So to navigate yourself you have to depend on maps, commuters, and even on luck or become ever more lost in Trainslation.

You have to find the secrets behind the incomplete maps, the station names, hubs, and carefully placed Easter eggs. Whereas the main objective of the game is to find your right stop, the additional you explore, the more you may study the mysterious transport hub and find out your way to Tower-of-Babel-esque.

Developer and publisher are Nick (Xelu), SK83RJOSH, Ryan Bl. They developed this game in just three days for the Global Game Jam 2021. So download now this Best free MacBook game that will train your mind.

Gladio and glory

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SIZE:- 400 MB
RELEASE DATE:- 16 Mar 2021

Gladio and glory is an online PvP Beat’em up Action game, develop and publish by Adi Zhavo.

The game was filled with funny ragdoll moments and dismemberment. You can Simulate massive battles in groups or free for all or why not attempting a one v 50! You can Grab and Push opponents on traps or use your swings and momentum to deliver fatal hits!

The game features Physics-Based Battles, Unique Enemies, Environment and Traps, Fights in Big Brawls, simple control, and high-quality graphics under 500MB place this game top in the list of best free mac games of 2021.

After playing this game, if you are masterful, you can win the fight. But if you Misjudging or not reacting quickly enough may result to start all over again.

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Wild Dose: First Session

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RELEASE DATE:- 2 Mar 2021

Wild Dose: First Session is A first-person walking-sim RPG adventure game. Lappi Soft is a developer and publisher.

The game is base on the story, where Earth has become a giant town to flee from this urban hell, Cyber medicine area unit delivered directly from networks to neural implants. But the hackers additionally deal with illegal versions of these drugs. The deadliest one is named Wild Dose.

You are one of all these several cyberjunkies. Walk the slums of Eleftheria, discover the stories of its voters, follow the principles or rebel against the system. Fulfill non-public contracts or complete tasks for your fellow voters to assist purchase your next dose.

The game features an immersive cyberpunk environment, a diverse range of characters, a world where private corporations have replaced public services, four unique characters, and an open world map with beautiful graphics.

Portal Reloaded

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RELEASE DATE:- 4 May 2021

Portal Reloaded is a free-to-play first-person action puzzle game. PORTANIS is the developer and publisher of this best free mac game of 2021.

Here you get a hold of the Triple Portal Device, permitting you to shoot three completely different portals. The familiar portal orange and blue that connect two completely different places in space. The third green time portal connects two completely different timelines. Traveling between this and a version of reality twenty years within the future exposes a new way of puzzle-solving.

The game features 25 brand new mind-bending puzzles, three different portals, two different timelines, More than 100 custom voice lines, Unique puzzle mechanics with responsive controls, and minimal graphics. So download now this Free mac game to play.

If you’re looking for a game to play right now, how about CROSSOUT?

It’s free to play and allows you and a bunch of friends to tune your vessels and take on other players around the world. So install now it’s completely FREE!


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SIZE:- 50 MB
RELEASE DATE:- 9 May 2020

Delores: A Thimbleweed Park Mini-Adventure is a pixel graphics point& click indie adventure game. Develop and publish by Terrible Toybo.

The year is 1988. Delores Edmund, an Adventure game developer returns to Thimbleweed Park for a vacation. whereas she’s home, she’s creating some extra cash as a photographer for the Thimbleweed Nickel News. In a city like Thimbleweed Park, a side career as a photographer is the least of your problems.

The game features Non-stop point-and-click fun, increasingly difficult assignments, a new adventure game engine, solve puzzles to take pictures, Thimbleweed Park, and beautiful pixel graphics.


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SIZE:- 250 MB
RELEASE DATE:- 27 May 2020

Raidland is a third-person action RPG game with online PvP mode. SideQuestNZ is a developer and Blue Wizard Digital is a publisher of the game.

This is a class-based PvP fantasy game. Here you have to play as a Berserker, Warrior, or hunter in the green battle mode. You have to Hunt & kill your enemies to hoard gold for victory

The game features Fast-paced 3rd-Person ranged and melee combat with 3 Classes to choose from, custom characters and special mastery perks, Battle with friends in Team Greed mode, responsive controls, and beautiful graphics make this game the best free mac game of 2021.

Fantasy Strike

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RELEASE DATE:- 25 July 2019

Fantasy strike is a single-player free-to-play 2D fighting game. Sirlin Games is a developer and publisher of this game.

This game is similar to Tekken games. Here you get daily challenges and Practice mode to train your fighters. You get free modes like Online Casual Play, Online Ranked Play, Practice Mode, Single Match vs. AI. Fantasy meets martial arts during this spirited world.

The game features Excellent online play + cross-platform play, One-click spectating, Spotlight Videos of Every character, An endless survival mode, Tutorial, unique characters with special skills, beautiful 2D graphics and Designed to work great on keyboard, with no need for a controller.

Space Commander: war and trade

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SIZE:- 300 MB
RELEASE DATE:- 4 Nov 2020

Space Commander: War and Trade is a single-player action RPG game. Develop and publish by Home Net Games.

The game includes intuitive combat and deep mechanics. Varied campaigns provide numerous experiences starting from arcade shooter to sandbox RPG. You can build, manage and customize. Choose your career path by completing missions.

The game features New space sandbox RPG, various star systems, Multiple campaigns offering unique gameplay experiences, spectacular graphics, intuitive combat, and deep mechanics. Make this the best free game for MacBook in 2021.

Path of exile

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SIZE:- 40 GB
RELEASE DATE:- 23 Oct 2013 (recently updated)

Path of exile is an online Single Player MMO game, developed and published by Grinding Gear Games.

In the game, You are AN Exile, troubled to survive on the dark continent of Wraeclast, as you fight to earn power which will enable you to precise your revenge against people who wronged you. Explore Wraeclast and uncover the traditional secrets awaiting you.

You can mixability gems, support gems, and trigger gems to make your distinctive combination of power, defense, and destruction. You get Deadly Missions and each of those missions has several variations. As you explore deeper into Wraeclast, the pool of obtainable variations will increase to challenge you in new ways in which.

All of the Missions and their variations will occur anyplace within the game, together with inside end-game Maps. Use your hiding place as a quiet place to craft once a battle, or expand it and use it as an individualized society Hall with many decorations.

That’s it, these are the best free games for MAC. Whatever I have written in this article is my honest opinion and backed by intensive research. No game in this article has sponsored me and I am not with or against any brand.

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