OMG! Download GTA 5 on Android Apk + Data in GTA SA Best Ever

Hello Friends, welcome back to Ubgurukul, the best gaming site of 2022. Here is the article on how to download GTA 5 on Android.

First of all, we cannot directly Download GTA 5 on Android. Because the size of the game is around 80GB and I think most smartphones do not have 80GB of Storage.

So questions are how to play GTA 5 on Android or How to Download GTA 5 on Android. Don’t worry we are here to help you to download GTA 5 Apk on Android.

There is only one way to play GTA 5 on Android and the way is playing on Cloud. But this way is very expensive and does not give the same Experience as Gaming PC, Laptop, or Console. GTA 5 on google play store never happens.

Again, then how to play GTA 5 on Android? Another way to play GTA 5 on Android is the MOD. There are so many creators who make GTA 5 mods for Android in GTA San Andreas.

These mods provide the same graphics and experience as GTA 5 but in the GTA SA game. So today we give you the best ever GTA 5 Mod Apk and Data for Android to download in 500MB.

How to Download GTA 5 On Android APK + Obb in GTA SA Mod under 500mb.

Here I give 5 simple steps to download GTA 5 on Android for Free. This is the latest mod of GTA 5 in Android.

Step 1: Click on this Direct Download link to download GTA 5 APK+Data.



Step 2: Download Zarchiver from Playstore and open the Download Folder.

First only Install the APK but make sure to not Open Right Now. Here is the full tutorial:


Step 3: Now extract the Obb File.



This is the best PPSSPP games list of 2022. So check it now.

After extracting files, click on the GTA V ENB Graphics Modpack folder and then click on the Rockstar games Folder.


Step 4: After that, Click on the ‘Files’ Folder. And then ‘textdb’ Folder. Now we have to change some Folder name’s on behalf of our Mobile Phones GPU Processor.


To check your Phone GPU Processor. Download the app called CPU-Z. So you can easily find which GPU Processor your phone has.


After checking your GPU Processor. Now click on ‘textdb’ Folder. Here you have to change Files Name in these Three Folders ‘GTA 3’, ‘gta_int’, and ‘txd’.


You have to open all three folders and change the file names according to your Mobile GPU Processor.

download gta-5-on-android-ubgurukul

Like if you have Andreno GPU then rename the folder by typing ‘dxt’, if you have Mali GPU then ‘etc’, and if you have PowerVR GPU then ‘pvr’. (Andreno: dxt, Mali: etc, PowerVR: pvr)

*Make this change process in all three Folders.

Step 5: Finally! you only have to cut the Rockestargame folder and paste it on internal storage/Android/Data/. That’s it, GTA 5 500MB download android.




About GTA 5 ENB Mod on Android

In this mod, you will get the full-on experience of GTA 5. Because here you get graphics like GTA 5, All GTA 5 Weapons, Costumes, Vehicles, Etc.

The best feature is you only have to swipe from up to down to access the menu. Where you can enable different mods, cheats, codes, cars, bikes, heavy vehicles, etc.

This is the best GTA 5 Mod on Android to Download in 500MB only. This is my personal favorite Mod of GTA 5 in Android to Download.

That’s it, here is the article to Download GTA 5 on Android for Free in GTA San Andreas Apk + Data in 500Mb. This is the best GTA 5 APK.

Now tell me how much you like this tutorial of GTA 5 on Android Download? Let us know your favorite android game in the comments down below.

See you next time with more new games. Stay tuned. Stay Healthy and Happy.

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