Six Tips for Gamers to Improve Their Focus and Speed response

The popularity of the esports industry has been on the rise for quite some time now, and experts believe that it won’t come down soon. Gamers are making millions by winning championships with the best tips for gamers, and this is yet another reason behind the growth of the esports industry. 

Nothing stands in your way of becoming the next great professional gamer, whether you play on a PC or a dedicated console. Although esports may appear to be largely reliant on gaming techniques and training to those who aren’t related to it to that extent, the one thing gamers have to better up is their focus. To gain an edge over their opponents, players must be in top physical condition to understand everything that happens on the screen and respond appropriately. 

It’s a very demanding job, so you’re probably wondering how you may enhance your attention while maintaining decent physical and mental form. This article features six best tips for gamers who struggle with focus and other performance-related aspects so they can give their best. 

Six Tips for Gamers to Improve Their Focus, Awareness, and Speed response


Mindfulness Training 

Mindfulness training helps you in staying in the present to give your best performance. This training can range from basic breathing and relaxation techniques to advanced yoga. 

You can start with the most basic training exercise where you close your eyes and do a breathing exercise while listening to soothing sounds before a game. Mindfulness training can significantly lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well as stop any anxiety attacks. 

Take breaks from Time to Time

Concentrating on something is difficult for everyone, but the difficulty may vary. At the same time, some people can play games for hours nonstop without taking a break, while others have to mentally prepare themselves for what is coming up. 

Taking short breaks regularly is believed to improve your capacity to concentrate on gaming. The duration of these breaks is totally up to you, but you should keep your eyes away from the screen for at least five minutes. Your brain will reboot in the given period, and you can start gaming again with a fresh mind to make better decisions. 

Take eXtrasis

EXTRASIS - Hack Your Energy

eXtrasis is an energy booster by kosmicdust that packs a powerful formula for all your gaming needs. Have you ever felt tired after hours of gaming? If yes, then eXtrasis is the best option for you as it boosts your overall energy levels and betters your endurance to perform better for longer. 

Along with those high-quality ingredients, it also contains more than two hundred grams of caffeine, so you don’t have to drink coffee or other caffeinated drinks. It increases the flow of blood to your brain to reduce your response time, and you will be able to react to the situation in the best way possible with it quickly. 


Exercise Regularly 

Whether you like it or not, gaming is directly related to your secondary lifestyle, and a bad lifestyle can impact your gaming performance badly. You have to sit for long periods in front of the screen to play games. Studies show that sitting in front of the screen also disturbs your body form, health, and posture. If you can exercise approximately fifteen minutes before gaming, you will see a massive boost in your performance. Exercise can enhance your focus, reduce response time, and clear your mind from bad thoughts. 

Practice tips for gamers


Gaming is similar to any other competitive industry means that your abilities affect your performance. But this isn’t the case with skills as you can practice for hours to develop them. Nobody is born with them, and they can practice. After practicing for a few days, you will notice a significant improvement in your gaming skills. If you are taking part in an esports competition, only play that specific game to increase your reaction speed. Make a schedule for practice and stick to it to see improvements. 

Take FloZone

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FloZone is a supplement for fitness training of your mind to get you into the perfect shape required to win a competition. It is the perfect blend of DMAE, green tea extracts, and Bacopa, along with a large number of important minerals and vitamins. DMAE can improve your overall brain function with regular use. 

If you struggle with remembering things, FloZone can help you remember more without doing anything else than taking a pill every day. As a gamer, you have to process information quickly to react to the situation accordingly because every second counts, and a small mistake can cost you the championship. It also helps you stay in a good mood, all thanks to Gaba, which acts as a neurotransmitter to reduce mood swings. 


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