Top 5 Best Similar Games like Valorant for Android 2022

Hello Friends, welcome to ubgurukul, the best gaming site for mobile games. Here we are back with the list of the top 5 Best Similar Games like Valorant for Android 2022.

Nowadays, most of the streamers are playing Valorant game on their Livestream. So people want a Valorant game on Mobile devices.

But right now this game is not made for mobile devices.

But don’t worry, we are here to help you. Our team searching for the best games like Valorant and they pick the top 5 games on behalf of gameplay, graphics, and similarities with Valorant game.

So without wasting any more time let’s jump into the list of best games like Valorant for Android.

Top 5 Best Similar Games like Valorant Download Now

Games like Valorant for android

First of all, before starting this list. All games are Online Multiplayer games and need a full internet connection to play. If you want mods for your favorite Android games and apps then visit


SIZE:- 507 MB
RATING:- 3.7

ShellFire is a combination of MOBA and fps PvP Action game. This game is offered by Dunia Games.

Like Valorant game, here you experience First-Person Shooting in 5 vs 5 in-game battle mode. Here you also get Zombie Rush Bonus Mode. Where you get 10 intense rounds to beat the Zombie BOSS to get a Special Reward.

The game comes with rune game future that combines Attack, Defense and Support to exceeds your opponents. Other features like the latest Heroes and Skins with different skills like Valorant Heroes.

This type of similarity makes this best FPS game like Valorant. This game is the best Valorant alternative for Android.

Shadowgun War Games

SIZE:- 534 MB
RATING:- 4.1

Shadowgun War Games is the new 5v5 PvP FPS multiplayer game offered by Madfinger Games.

This game is a free to play Console Quality thrilling game. In the game, Tactical multiplayer FPS Experience in 5v5 battles. Here you get stunning maps with thrilling game modes.

Here you can Customize your hero with unique emotes, skins, charms, stickers, etc. You can also get customizable controls, plus voice and text chat!

Other key features of this game like competitive gameplay, console-quality Graphics, easy to play controls, and stunning maps with thrilling game modes make this game best similar games like Valorant for Android.

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Modern Combat Versus

RATING:- 3.8

Modern Combat Versus is an Online Multiplayer FPS Shooter games developed by No.1 FPS Franchise, Gameloft.

This game is based on online FPS battles, run & gun warfare, and team-based shooter game. In the game, You have to choose your agent and master your role to dominate the field with your team.

There are so many game features like 4v4 online multiplayer battles, competitive team-based game modes, 17+ specialized Agents with unique guns and abilities, 6 distinct maps with gorgeous graphics, and perfectly designed intuitive shooter controls.

Because of this type of feature, I add this game in the best similar games like Valorant for Android.

Frag Pro Shooter

SIZE:- 102 MB
RATING:- 4.4

Frag Pro Shooter is an amazingly designed FPS Shooter game for your phone. This game is offered by Oh BiBi.

Frag Pro Shooter game is based on 1v1 duels against players from all over the world. You can switch between your 5 characters in the match. Means dead isn’t that bad because you can regain life instantly with another character.

You can create your team with 70+ characters and Customise them with powerful and exciting skins. You can control your player in first person or third person views.

Other features like new co-op mode, Every character has their unique strengths and weaknesses, auto shoot option, Console Quality graphics, and responsive Controls make this game like Valorant.

Shadowgun Legends

SIZE:- 1.0 GB
RATING:- 4.2

Shadowgun Legends is an Online Sci-fi Action Shooter with PvP and Co-op game offered by Madfinger Games.

This game is based on a story, where humanity is under attack from alien and last hope is the Shadowguns, legendary warriors and heroes. You can Experience epic story campaigns in this competitive PvP.

In the game, you can choose between a touch control or an enhanced virtual joystick. Story Campaign comes with more than hundreds of missions on 4 diverse planets or gets Hardcore Experience in Raids and Arenas.

Other game features like 700+ Customize Weapons, 60+ Beautiful Armor Sets, MMORPG Online Multiplayer Experience with more than 250 million players around the world.

Also, a unique FPS control scheme with autofire shooting controls and the console-quality Graphics on your mobile. That’s is why this is the best FPS games like Valorant for Android.

About Valorant game

Valorant is a free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter game developed by Riot Games, for Microsoft Windows. This game is like Counter-Strike games. But playing a group of preset characters with their unique abilities make this game different.

This game is good at gunplay and balanced abilities. The new aspects are mostly about defending, distractions, and front assault.

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That’s it, these are the top 5 Best Similar Games like Valorant for Android in 2022.

Now let me know which is your favorite games like Valorant alternative for Android in this list and what type of best android games list you want in the next article in the comments down below.

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