Good Sleep Habits If You Are a Gamer | Best Proven Methods 2022

You haven’t been able to sleep after playing video games, but your mind and body won’t shut off? We’ve all had a great match or session, told our friends goodnight, and attempted to get to sleep but couldn’t. Then you should follow Good Sleep Habits

People with insomnia are very common all over the world. While gaming is fun, it can be difficult to sleep if you do not properly disengage before bed.

While it may seem impossible to achieve, getting enough sleep each night is essential to a healthy physical and mental state of mind – and gaming energy. Resting your body more often and getting into a routine will help you feel better.

However, before heading towards the tips, let me tell you one of the easiest, safest, and quickest ways to achieve a good sleeping habit through DreamBig. Natural sleep supplements such as DreamBig can help you easily achieve better sleep.

Using the DreamBig supplement, people looking to improve their health and live a digital nomad lifestyle can improve their performance and health. DreamBig’s primary goal is to promote a faster and healthier lifestyle by promoting a sounder sleep every night.


After waking up, you will feel refreshed after taking the formula, which helps regenerate the body and mind. The formula has been developed using only natural ingredients. You can use it safely and comfortably every day without fear of side effects. Further, check out our best tips to achieve good sleep habits after gaming.

Methods to Achieve Good Sleep Habits

Following are the methods to achieve better sleep habits.

·      Wear Blue Light Glasses


Blue light is one wavelength of light in the spectrum, and our technology devices emit it on screen. It is also one of many wavelengths of light on the spectrum, such as red light and ultraviolet light.

The wavelength of blue light is short, it is very energetic, and it scatters easily. This scattering results in less focused light, resulting in your eyes having to work harder when looking at devices, which causes digital eye strain.

Gaming devices emitting blue light can cause eye strains resulting in insomnia. However, you can avoid it and achieve better sleep if you wear blue light glasses while gaming.

·      Try Sleeping on Time


It is hard, particularly if you’re a student, gamer, or freelancer with varied workloads. However, it’s well worth the effort. Researchers have found that they sleep better when people wake up each morning and go to bed simultaneously.

The important thing is to get to bed every night simultaneously, no matter the time. As long as you are consistent, sleeping is more important than what time you choose.

You may still be awake when you try to sleep early and exhausted when you stay up late if you regularly go to bed at 7 PM on some nights and 2 AM on others. If this happens to you regularly, your body can get confused.

·      Regular Exercise

The benefits of exercise extend beyond building bones, preventing stress injuries, and avoiding illnesses that can interfere with esports participation. It can also aid in falling asleep faster.

The research results indicate that moderate aerobic activity leads to better sleep, resulting in a refreshed body for the next round of scrims.

Besides making it easier to play, exercise also helps avoid insomnia, which many gamers have experienced. It is also important to consider the time of day.

Exercise, such as jogging, early in the morning improves later quality sleep. Furthermore, most competitive games are played in the afternoon and evening, which well fits the pro gamer lifestyle.

·      Use DreamBig

You can also use supplements like DreamBig to help you achieve better sleep. There is much more to DreamBig than a supplement.

Via DreamBig supplement, gamers, digital natives, and all people keen on healthy habits and a lifestyle of digital nomadism can achieve high performance, healthy habits, and a better way of life. There is nothing artificial about DreamBig.

In this blend, there are ingredients such as melatonin, ashwagandha, etc., to help you sleep better at night. It also contains melatonin which initiates sleep and keeps it going, while the presence of L-Theanine helps reduce anxiety symptoms. Apart from healthy sleep, the following are the additional benefits of using the DreamBig supplement.

  • Regeneration of cells in the body
  • Allows you to become more aware
  • Increases your mental well-being
  • It helps you to wake up feeling refreshed
  • Makes your mind work more efficiently

·      Gaming Machine Relocation

It is not practicable to have the gaming machine in a sleeping area, but it is ideal. By placing the PC, PlayStation, or Xbox in a separate room, not only can you monitor screen time, but you can get away from the competitive nature of gaming.

Furthermore, this will aid overall health, reducing any difficulty falling asleep by creating a relaxed, stress-free environment. It is also possible to set the router to restrict Internet access during the designated sleep period.

It is not always possible to remove video games from your bedroom, but blocking Internet access to the device is a practical solution. Similarly, this makes the game unplayable in the bedroom while bedtime is prioritized.

·      Avoid Caffeine Energy Drinks


For years, Esports competitions have relied on energy drinks, such as Monster, but they should consume them moderately. Coffee, tea, and other caffeinated drinks can all negatively impact sleep.

These drinks can give users an energy boost and help them stay awake, but not many people know why. In the brain, adenosine binds to receptors, which is why.

Sleepiness is experienced when the brain binds to these molecules at a critical level. As caffeine inhibits adenosine molecule binding, sleepiness is delayed.

Energy drinks and coffee are great options for gamers who need to stay alert. Caffeinated drinks, however, pose a problem when they become part of a user’s routine when they consume them every day.

The best time to consume caffeine is in the morning, except when you need an extra lift due to its long-lasting effects, it can disrupt sleep.

Does DreamBig Supplement really work?

Of course, Dream big did, and that’s why we love them. This is proved with real-life testimonials that confirm it and you will prove it by yourself.

Is this product safe to take?

Yes, Dream Big is safe, effective, and made with rigorous standards and high-quality ingredients to ensure you the best results.

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