Top 10 Best High Graphics Games for Android (2021)

Hello game lovers, here we back again with the new list of the top 10 best high graphics games for android in 2020. In this article, you find the best high graphics games for android offline and online.

We investigate games from the play store and pick the best games from thousands of games. So our trust will always maintain with our readers.

Some of these games are big in size but don’t worry if you have low-end android phones because in this list we have some small-size high graphics games for android also.

So let’s dive into this.

The Best High Graphics Games for Android | OFFLINE & ONLINE


SIZE:- 1.7 GB
RATING:- 4.0

Incredible Mandy is an adventure through a dream searching for memories. The Lost people have forgotten and experiences once treasured.

It’s a third-person platformer with a little bit of combat and a whole lot of environmental puzzles and a semi open-world sprinkled with collectibles to fill in the story.

In short, it looks really really interesting, and as their rule puzzle games are pretty relaxing. It can certainly be a little frustrating at times at Boss fights. Although they don’t really punish players beyond a little lost health for being too slow.



SIZE:- 181 MB
RATING:- 3.6

Go to car driving 3 is about a man whose life situations often occurred during which you have to save animals like cats, owls, and more and a good addition to this big city.

You could buy and drive your favorite equipment like a drone, a plane, a helicopter even a flying saucer. You can go to the club to dance in different styles take.

You have to drive very carefully in this big city because of the great control that the police won’t give you peace of mind. The game isn’t a clone of GTA 5 or GTA SA. The game has its own unique story, many mechanics and actions are branded which is not in other games.



SIZE:- 1.5 GB
RATING:- 4.2

This is a realistic graphics sports game for Android made by MLB advanced media and this is far more of a simulator than an arcade experience like Sports.

Not only are the rosters and teams real but the mechanics also strive to be realistic. This game has two main control modes modern and classic.

You can alter every aspect of the gameplay experience between these two main modes. The graphics of the game is truly top-tier and I think you may like this game if you love baseball game.


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SIZE:- 70 MB
RATING:- 4.3

It’s a stick fight single-player game, which provides a similar game experience like taken. The novel part of this game is that you can find almost all anime character heroes in stickman styles like Naruto Goku and many more.

In addition, stick shadow has three modes story, vs., and tournament mode. In story mode, you have to fight with enemies and defeat the enemy boss to unlock the maps.

At last, the game is decent and has nice control and if you never played with anime characters and stickman style then try it at least once.



SIZE:- 80 MB
RATING:- 4.5

Hellrider 3 is an arcade racing game, where the game has an amazing story revealing of the world of hell Rider from a new perspective with multiple game modes with their challenges and goals.

In short, you have to drive the bike by avoiding obstacles and collect the gold coin also shoot down other enemies. There are many powers up which you can use to destroy your enemies.



SIZE:- 200 MB
RATING:- 3.9

Deadly Land is a first-person shooting game, where you have to survive on dead land around you. In addition, you can explore the different areas of the map and look for suitable places to fight the zombie waves.

The game offers new weapons and upgrade them with attachments so that you can defeat the even stronger and faster zombies. While the graphic is decent for a zombie game and gameplay is fun moving right along.

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SIZE:- 116 MB
RATING:- 4.0

This is an open-world adventure game on a fantasy story of finding the power of the world.

The games start with a young adventurer man who gets in trouble and gets contracted with the ultimate fire. Now he begins his journey to find answers to the mysteries around the world.

Your job is to help him by fighting enemies and bosses. The game also features a build and craft system that helps you to build a house and grow crops. The free price tag makes this game unique.



SIZE:- 233 MB
RATING:- 4.0

It’s a single-player action horror game from the developer of the mental hospital series.

The game features high-quality graphics, cutscene, and a scary atmosphere. The in-game, unnamed figure following our rude awakening and we can use the limited light from the halls rooms and our phone and building.

In short, if you like horror then this game will keep you in suspense, by the way, your nerves too.



SIZE:- 121 MB
RATING:- 4.1

NERF Gun is a third-person shooting game, where you have to shoot down other players with your nerf gun without being exposed to yourself.

The game has beautiful minimal 3d graphics and nice controls. In addition, the game has lots of different exciting levels, a plethora of weapons to unlock, and simple control which make the game more interesting.



SIZE:- 1.6 GB
RATING:- 4.5

This is a 3d first-person Puzzle high graphic game for Android, which centers on a young girl with abilities named dahlia.

Must use your powers to solve comically elaborate test chambers one after another in a facility called the quarry before the final act of the game mixes things up.

However, the puzzles themselves are mostly good. You’ll get two or three brain busters for every 10 levels or so overall the story and voice acting is generally solid and the controls would have been infinitely better with a controller setup.


So that’s it for this article. I hope you liked it and share it with your friends. Incredible Mandy, White Flame, and Nerf Gun are my personal favorite high graphics games for android.

Now tell me which are your favorite high graphics games for Android from this list in the comments down below.

Also, tell us, if we miss any new games and if you want more games like this in the future for other categories.

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