Top 10 FREE Offline Games to play on Android without internet

Hello Game Lovers, welcome to Ubgurukul- the best gaming site of 2021. Here is the list of Top 10 FREE Offline Games to play without Internet on Android.

Nowadays A lot of mobile games need an internet connection to play. If you do not want to use the internet connection on your phone to play games. You can choose from plenty of offline Android games that are equally engaging.

Here are the Top 10 Free offline games to play without an internet connection on Android of this month that you will enjoy.

So without further do. Let’s get started

Top 10 Free Offline Games to Play without Internet Connection on android

First of all, all games are free and fully Offline. Some are Offline games with Multiplayer, Offline games with high graphics, and offline games to play with friends.


SIZE:- 263 MB
RATING:- 3.1

Redstrom is a third-person action Shooting free offline game for Android. The game was made with an unreal engine and offered by Meoplay.

The game is based on a beautiful Vietnam War. Here you have to Fight for Vietnam and the USA army. The game has Offline and Online Multiplayer Mode. We can with AI or in Online 10 vs 10.

There is some good feature like Realistic-looking 3D action, More than 20 weapons of Vietnam War, Vehicles such as BMP, Play offline vs AI or online 10 vs 10 and responsive Controls make this game cool.

But the game still needs so many improvements and need to fixes bugs.

House Flipper mobile

SIZE:- 115 MB
RATING:- 4.7

House Flipper Mobile is a House Flipper Simulation game. The game is offered by PlayWay SA.

In the game, we have to Buy, decorate, renovate, and sell some houses to become the best Flipper. You can start your own business as an interior & house designer. After that, you can carry out orders of decorating and renovation houses or sell them for a big profit.

The game features Awesome, realistic 3D graphics, Smooth intuitive, and addictive gameplay, Over 500 adorable decoration and furniture, Different interesting tasks, and the experience of the real house Flipper.

So download now these best Offline games with high graphics for Android.

Gold Hunter

SIZE:- 53 MB
RATING:- 4.0

Gold Hunter is an offline open-world adventure game for mobile. The game is offered by Webperon.

In the game, your job is to find the gold and other precious metals with your detector on the mysterious island. You can earn money as a gold hunter and become richer.

Also, you can travel via your boat and explore every inch of the island and dig the various type of precious metals. That makes this the best Offline Open World adventure game for Android.

Other features like 20 islands to explore with Day and night cycle, hundreds of treasures & gold rush, Upgradable equipment and clothing, Beautiful nature to enjoy and hidden treasures make this game unique.

Top 10 Similar games like Fall Guys for Android

This article is about best similar games like fall guys for android.

Clash of Crowds

SIZE:- 148 MB
RATING:- 3.5

Clash if Crowds is an Offline causal Single Player game. The game is offered by Services Technomaniapps Inc.

In Clash of crowds, we have to Become the biggest crowd on the Farm by absorbing your rivals. You have to convert the humans into your crowd by absorbing them. Grab as many as rivals and humans on the farm to be the last one standing.

Features like 22 different adorable animals to play with, a big farm to explore, good looking graphics, and easy to play Controls make this game worth to play. But it still needs many improvements and must have to add new features.

Island Saver

SIZE:- 592 MB
RATING:- 4.0

Island Saver is an open world educational game for Android, offered by NatWest Group PLC.

The game is based on saving the island from Horrid plastic waste by cleaning them and rescue the animals. You have to clean up the beaches, rescuing animals, and earn money and coins.

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The Features are explored things like Tropical jungles – the icy arctic – dusty deserts – volcanoes, 42 animals to save, Help Kiwi find his missing nest eggs, educational purpose, and beautiful graphics with responsive Controls.

So download now this free offline game for Android to get educated about cleaning the world.

FGTeeV Goozy

SIZE:- 92 MB
RATING:- 4.3

FGTeeV Goozy is an action scary game of hiding and seek, offered by BDT Digital LLC.

The story of the game is based on a great adventure project with light notes of horror puzzles and quests. There where something strange and frightening has settled in the house and the family has disappeared without a trace. it’s necessary to conduct an investigation and reveal all the secrets of this place.

The Features like FGTeeV Family come to Smart Phones and Tablets, the scary game of hiding and seek with full of entertainment, Explore a house full of weird technology and slimy surprises, amazing graphics and responsive Controls to play, make the game interested to play. These are the best free offline games to play.

Danger Darrel

SIZE:- 184 MB
RATING:- 3.9

Danger Darrel is an endless stunning flight simulator game with elements of an adventure arcade. The game is offered by Hoonaya.

In the game, you will control a fearless aircraft for testing by pilot Daryl, who loves crazy flights. So get behind the wheel of a light plane and fly as far as possible through a narrow canyon full of deadly dangers, deftly dodge, and obstacles.

The Features of the game are constantly changing environment with various dynamic challenges, compete with your friends and other players on a global scale, Unlock a range of airplanes with unique flying mechanics and properties, and Offline games with high graphics for Android make this great.

DLS 21- free offline games to play

SIZE:- 374 MB
RATING:- 4.3

Dream League Soccer 2021 is an official FIFPro™ licensed best Offline football game for mobile, offered by First Touch Games Ltd.

The game puts you in action in the heart with brand new features and a completely fresh look. Like other football games, here you have to build your team and take to the field against the best clubs in the world. But DLS 21 gives you 4,000 FIFPro™ licensed players to choose from for your team!!

This is my personal favorite game from the list of top best Offline football games to play with friends. Here you get new and improved gameplay to dressed for success and conquer the world.

The Features like over 4000 FIFPro™ licensed players, 8 divisions and more than 10 cup competitions, Immersive and exciting match commentary, Everything Customisable, biggest soundtrack EVER, Full 3D motion-captured, and very responsive Controls. These are the best free offline games to play.

So download now this amazing offline football game on your mobile.

Poly Tank 2

SIZE:- 120 MB
RATING:- 4.3

Poly Tank 2 is a realistic 3D arcade tank game with offline and PvP. The game is offered by HV Infinity.

The story of the game is based on War. Where you will live in the dream of the commander and have to fight against the world with tanks in both multiplayer and offline mode. This is a full-scale tank battle game that supports both ONLINE and OFFLINE to play.

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The best features like More than 80 vehicles in both WW2 and modern, 3 grand maps and game modes, Online multiplayer support 20 players, 3 different control options, easy to use responsive Controls, and beautiful graphics.

This is the best Offline games with Multiplayer to play with friends.

Space Marshal 3

SIZE:- 648 MB
RATING:- 3.5

Space Marshal 3 is a sci-fi wild west action-adventure game in outer space. The game is offered by Pixelbite.

The story is based on the rowdy Space Marshal crew, who misadventure in outer space with an emphasis on stealth and tactical combat. Space Marshal 3 is an enjoyable top-down tactical shooter series that’s already seen two Android releases just like the last two titles.

The game is broken up into chapters with the first few levels are available to play for free and then you have to pay 3.99$ for the rest. The best Features are tactical combat, stealth, variety of weapons, console-quality Graphics, controller support, and very responsive Controls.

So download space Marshal 3 for free in Android.

That’s it for today’s list of Top 10 Free Offline games for Android.

Now let me know your favorite game from this list in the comment box below.

For now, stay Healthy and Happy.

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