The Third Age Game Review – Best Strategy game in 2020?

The Third Age game is a real-time strategy role-playing middle earth war developed by R2 Games. It is a management simulator where the player is tasked with expanding their Nation —extending their reign all over the continent and planning out massive campaigns, and following with ever so expansive lore with other such game elements.

The game is based on the Lord of the Rings story and features a lot of famous characters like the woodland elf king and the rest of the popular cast. But, despite set in the same world, the player is set around a very different path—story than the lore of the infamous hobbit.



In The Third Age game, the player follows a very linear, PVE storyline, where the dark forces are invading the fantasy continent. And it is up to the player to stop them, help his allies, expand his Nation, and face the hordes of the invading army all at the same time. 

Just at the start of the game, the situation is made very clear that the dark army has taken over some major trade routes and, after going back to our Nation, the player has to strengthen his Nation and enhance the army and, as mentioned before halting the advances of the invading dark army. 

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Since the game is set in real-time, a lot of game mechanics, about which we will talk about a bit later, are quite similar to other such games in the genera. So, the story progression is just bound to time and other such mobile gaming strategy options.

This is essentially not that bad if you consider that most role-playing middle-earth war’s drag out the story unnecessarily and level cap the player out early on early.

But the Third Age is different.

Game Design:


The Third Age, although, follows a very similar game design to other RPG war’s out there but has a lot of unique features that make it quite appealing over the other Mobile strategy options. The Third Age rewards leveling up and gives the players a lot of Leeways to advance in the game without facing any out of unnecessary hurdle.

There are, although in-app purchases, but they are not necessary, and the player can win a lot more than they will lose in The Third Age. The players can easily grind through high paying areas and get a lot of stuff that costs a ton of cash, but through grinding, they can essentially buy everything necessary to the plot through the in-game currency.

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This may take a lot of time, but middle-earth offers a way to go around the paywall. Other than that, The Third Age game also has some interesting game mechanics like a hero-based strength system that nerfs the player a lot and limits the power one can amass at any given time. 

Along with the challenge The Third Age brings to the table, the character selection, and the way they are presented is also quite appealing.

Character Design:


The Third Age has a recognizable selection of character and NPC designs. Which are detailed and quite diverse, to say the least. The developers have included a diverse range of NPC’s in the game. Which is great and keeps the strategy interesting.

But The Third Age game does not allow the player to choose and customize their own character, which is a bummer, but the story makes it all the more worth an investment despite not allowing the player to customize their character. 

But The Player can upgrade their character ability, skills, and powers to become powerful enough to defeat the Dark lord.

Develop and upgrades


In The Third Age, we can build a legendary kingdom by developing the buildings, your barracks, University, Farms, sawmills, and even your castle, essentially anything that you can think of needs to be unlocked, upgraded, for a more harmonious playtime. This will lead to major breakthroughs like getting access to mounts, and then further on, the mounted cavalry, a better economy, and a bigger army, etc.

Everything in The Third Age is tied together, making it one of the most strategically inclusive gameplay experiences out right now.

Final Thoughts:

The Third Age is, as mentioned at the start of the review, a real-time strategy game that is set in the Lord of The Rings world and has some of the better game mechanics and features out of most mobile war games out in the market.

The game has a well thought out, balanced power system, where the players need to upgrade and unlock a variety of important stuff just to increase their troops and bolster their cities defense against the invading dark forces. This is the third age game review.

This makes for an interesting experience that is definitely working checking out for any middle-earth RPG fan who wants to try out a classic RPG based title with easy to understand game mechanics and, more so, a different style of game style, that is fun to have a knock at.

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