How to Download Shadow Fight Arena On Android 2020

This article features step by step tutorial on how to download or install Shadow Fight Arena On Android for Free. Here is the best and easiest way to download shadow Fight Arena for free on android from any country.

About Shadow Fight Arena:-

Shadow Fight Arena is a brand new shadow Fight game developed by Nekki. This game is completely Online.

The Size of Shadow Fight Arena is about 750 MB. In this game, you have to create a dream team of 3 fighters to defeat the opponent. Like other shadow Fight game here all heroes have unique upgradeable abilities and powers.

The graphics are slightly improved then shadow Fight 3. Controls become more responsible and the story mode and interface are beautiful.

Now let’s jump into the tutorial of how to download Shadow Fight Arena on Android for Free!

Download and Install Shadow Fight Arena On Android for Free!!

  1. First of all, you need a VPN to connect with Canada Country so download this free VPN from the download link.
  3. After Downloading, now open a VPN then select Canada Country and connect with it. Now click on the link.
  4. Shadow Fight Arena Google Playstore Download Link
  5. Make sure you have connected with a VPN and have a good internet connection.
  6. Don’t tap on the open in PlayStore app button.

Simply click on the install button and verify your Google account then downloading will automatically start.

7. First let’s Download apk of 88 mb.


After this, it will automatically download data of the game that will around 600 MB.


This all process will be done automatically on your browser.

8. After Downloading shadow Fight Arena Apk and data you only need to click on icon and the game will start.

That’s it, this is a easiest way to download Shadow Fight Arena On Android.

Video Tutorial on How to Download Shadow Fight Arena On Android

I hope you like it and download this game. Also, share with your friends to play with them.


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We all know that the popularity of Shadow Fight game is Huge and I am a huge fan of Shadow Fight Arena.

Now tell me on a comment which game you want to download? I will find the easiest way to download that game and I will make an article on it.

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